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EGI formed in 1991 and continues to operate as a Mechanical Insulation Contractor, offering pipe and duct insulation throughout Connecticut.

We provide and install insulation for all types of mechanical systems, pumps, tanks and production equipment. We’ve insulated cryogenic lines for local manufacturers and high pressure steam lines & generator exhausts for many of the institutions and corporations around Connecticut. Our experienced mechanics furnish the appropriate insulation and protective jacketing for each application.

Our insulating staff has extensive experience in a wide variety of working environments. From industrial and healthcare facilities, to offices. From home heating systems to, the co-generation plants. And our staff has been trained in the aesthetics of insulation. We understand that for many, their mechanical systems are a calling card, and that the insulation is the first thing you will see. Our staff has been trained by insulation mechanics that have been in the industry 40-50 years.

Whether it is a simple pipe insulation project in your basement. Or an intricate commercial system requiring insulating cements, and specialized jacketing.

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